Education in the News: Talking about LGBTQ + Identity in Schools


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What: Education in the News: Talking about LGBTQ + Identity in Schools

When: Wednesday, November 16 | 5:30 p.m. AZ Time

Where: Zoom, pre-registration required

Event is virtual and pre-registration is required, click here to register. 

Topic: Education in the News: Talking about LGBTQ+ Identity in Schools with Derek Keith

Description: Debates over education—what is included and what is excluded—seem more heated these days. New legislative measures across the country seek to regulate curriculum and discussion about LGBTQ+ identity in schools.
Lawmakers along with parents and community members are also asserting more control over books children read in the classroom, including literature on LGBTQ+ experiences. Should they have sway in what is taught in schools? Do these laws and book bannings protect children, or are they harmful? What effects are these measures having on LGBTQ+ youth and families? How do we give parents and community members autonomy and honor the experiences of LGBTQ+ youth? Join us for a meaningful discussion about how LGBTQ+ identity gets expressed in schools.

This program is cohosted by Mohave Community College – Lake Havasu Library

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