MCC partners with TalkSpace to offer free therapy for students

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MOHAVE COUNTY – Mohave Community College has partnered with to help students and employees who may need assistance.  Below you’ll find a couple of informational videos, along with emails explaining the service to the MCC Students and employees from Vice President of Student and Community Engagement Dr. Tramaine Rausaw, who led the effort to bring the valuable services of TalkSpace to the MCC community.

How To Start Therapy with

Email to the MCC Students from Dr. Rausaw:

During this time of heightened stress and anxiety, we want to provide our students with an additional way to support your mental health and overall well-being, with no-cost access to Talkspace online therapy.

Talkspace is a digital mental health service that connects members to thousands of dedicated providers from a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform. With Talkspace therapy, you can send your therapist text, voice or video messages—anytime, anywhere—including from the comfort of your home.

Mohave Community College students ages 13+, now have access to online therapy at no cost to you. This includes unlimited messaging, as well as the option to use two 30-minute live video sessions with your Talkspace therapist each month. Additionally, students ages 18+, have the option to receive medication evaluation and monthly prescription management services through Talkspace.

When you are ready to sign up, go to, enter your MCC student email, and click “Get Started.” A welcome email will be sent automatically, along with an access code. That’s all it takes!

Talkspace support is confidential and secure. We will never know who uses the service or for what purpose.

If you have any questions about Talkspace, you can reach out to me at for more information.


Email to MCC Community from Dr. Rausaw:

Good morning, MCC family!

Any given year, 1 in 5 adults experience a mental health issue. The good news is professional support can change lives, and innovation is making access to mental health treatment more convenient than ever. 

We’ve launched a new student service from Talkspace, a global leader in online therapy. With a network of thousands of licensed clinicians, Talkspace is an online therapy service that connects members to a dedicated, licensed therapist from a secure, HIPAA-compliant mobile app and web platform. Members can send their therapist text, voice or video messages – anytime, anywhere. Mohave Community College students ages 13+ will have the ability to receive online messaging and live video therapy at no cost by registering at Students simply need to enter their MCC student email and a welcome message and access code will be sent automatically.

As an add-on service, we selected a Psychiatry option for students 18+ which provides additional service beyond talk therapy and allows for prescription medication. Students will need an additional keyword for this service, which is mohave_psych. We are providing this keyword to you in case you are asked, but you may always refer students to their campus Student & Community Engagement Dean or Director. We will be able to answer questions in greater detail and refer confidentially without placing too much pressure on you as the faculty member, advisor, or staff support.

Because Talkspace is a FERPA and HIPAA-compliant and confidential service, we will never know who accesses Talkspace or for what purpose.  However, we will be able to gain insight as to overall utilization numbers, services sought, common diagnoses and prescriptions. This general information will be important as we seek to better understand the needs of MCC students and offer services that are both proactive and responsive.

As leaders and advocates, I hope you will share news of this exciting benefit. Students should have received an email this morning as well, detailing how they can start using the service.   

For now, I invite you to learn more about Talkspace by taking a look at the enclosed handout

If you have any questions about the service, you can reach out to me anytime at

What To Expect When You Start Therapy

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