MCC classes to return on campus, and college will continue remote class option

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Mohave Community College is offering remote, online and in-person classes for the fall semester. There’s still time to sign up for classes. Classes start August 23.
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MOHAVE COUNTY – Students asked and Mohave Community College answered.  The college will offer classes on campus, online and remotely through videoconferencing for the upcoming fall semester, which begins August 23. 

College President Dr. Stacy Klippenstein just announced in a video message to the college community that on campus classes will resume, and so will the remote class option.  

“As you’ve seen, vaccination rates across the country have increased and the threat of the virus continues to decrease.  So, I’m very happy to say that this fall we plan to have classes back on campus and we’ll continue all of our online courses and the live remote option will be available for many classes,” he said.

The college recently opened its campuses so summer semester students can use the libraries, computer labs and access many of student services on each campus.  All of the college operations will return to normal during the first week of August, if not sooner.  

MCC is following CDC guidelines, which means all employees, students and visitors who have not been vaccinated are asked to wear a face covering and social distance on the campuses.  

When the pandemic started, the college moved all on-campus classes to a live remote setting using Zoom technology. 

Many students told college employees they enjoy the added flexibility of the remote classes and encouraged the college to continue offering it as an option, according to Dr. Jennifer Woolston, one of the college Associate Deans of Instruction who manage campus instructional goals and strategies.  

“Students can structure their fall schedules in the format that is most beneficial to their personal needs, they can choose from on-ground classes, online and now they can incorporate select synchronous (remote) offerings,” said Dr. Woolston.

Synchronous means a class is offered at a specific time and location, and the student must attend class at that time.  Asynchronous is a term the college uses for online classes, which means students are not required to attend class at a specific time and location, rather they are given lessons and homework to complete on their own time each week.

Dr. Woolston said offering several options for students is a great benefit for those who may be juggling family obligations, challenging work schedules, different learning styles, and various transportation issues. 

“By providing more options we can help the students build a schedule that works for their individual circumstances,” she said.

Adding the remote option to classes allows students to work in a classroom setting, interacting with an instructor and classmates. Students attending remote classes also have the chance to interact with students from other campuses.

Those interested in becoming a college student should fill out the free online application at, or head to the nearest campus Student Services Office.  Assistance is also available by calling 866-MOHAVECC (866-664-2832). 

Mohave Community College is offering remote, online and in-person classes for the fall semester. There’s still time to sign up for classes. Classes start August 23.

Mohave Community College campuses are open and currently signing students up for remote, online and on-campus classes this fall semester.  Classes start August 23.