After 28 years MCC faculty member and Kingman native Dr. Andra Goldberg retires

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Computer Information Systems faculty member, Dr. Andra Goldberg.
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MOHAVE COUNTY – Dr. Andra Goldberg has been a part of Mohave Community College primarily working as an instructor. She has taught many students the ins and outs of a computer and the skills necessary for a career. After nearly 28 years, she has decided to retire.

When she first started she hoped to have a career teaching in her hometown and eventually retire where she grew up. 

“I hoped I would be,” Dr. Goldberg said. “I really found my niche it was perfect for me in this setting and especially in the place I grew up in. I wanted to teach here and make it my career.”

Toward the end of last year is when she decided to retire, she had travel plans and knew it was time. During retirement she will enjoy many activities, like spending time with her grandson, traveling, volunteering and fishing.

As an educator she enjoyed helping her students feel confident about the new skills they gained. Dr. Goldberg appreciated seeing her students go on to work at other local institutions and apply the skills they learned at MCC.

“That’s really rewarding to see that they were able to take what they learned and apply it and they’re happy in what they’re doing. It’s not just their job it’s their career,” Dr. Goldberg said.

Dr. Goldberg was part of developing the Healthcare Information Technician degree program with the help of her colleagues, Matt Butcher and Peter Burgess. The program is a blend of computer information systems with medical assisting.

She said it’s a program for people in the community that want to work in the medial field but also want to work in technology.

Advice she would give to educators is to make sure you’re always improving your communication skills. To MCC faculty she says to be an ambassador in your community for your program and for the school.

Dr. Goldberg moved to Kingman in the 1960s. She started at Palo Christi Elementary School and finished at Kingman High School. She continued her higher education at Arizona State University where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Agriculture Business.

She then went on to earn her Master’s degree in Agriculture Economics at University of Arizona. That’s when her interest in computers and technology started. Then she earned her Doctorate degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in education technology.

Dr. Goldberg retired as a MCC’s Computer Information Systems faculty member. While being at MCC, she was Faculty Council President and MC4 Computer Club advisor.

Computer Information Systems faculty member, Dr. Andra Goldberg.

Retired Computer Information Systems faculty member, Dr. Andra Goldberg.