Meet the Candidates for Bullhead City Campus Student Activities Council


meet the cadidates in white lettering over red background
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picture of misty knight

Misty Knight, candidate for SAC President

I am interested in serving as Student Activities Council President because I am passionate about my school and my college career. I would love to have the opportunity to utilize my leadership skills in a way that will benefit others on campus. I believe that my strong background in business and management, along with my ability to engage, motivate, and inspire others, make me an effective leader. 

By working closely with students and faculty members, I plan on addressing ways to improve MCC’s online presence and help build a stronger virtual community. I would also like to work towards establishing more scholarship and employment pathways through extra circular activities and programs. In doing this, I also hope to increase our community outreach efforts and build stronger local connections for our school. 



Jessica Perez Photo

Jessica Perez, candidate for SAC President

Hi, my name is Jessica Perez and would like to introduce myself. I am running for The Student Activity Council President. I have been attending Mohave Community College for 2 years. I am currently in the Surg Tech Program. I am a former US Marine and enjoyed serving my country. I was also excited to participate at the ribbon cutting of the BHC Veteran Center at the BHC campus.  I am also a member of  PTK and was active in their events. I was the President of SAC in 2018/2019 semesters. A lot of exciting things happened in those two semesters. The club became more active and new clubs were formed. We had lots of fun and educational event that were created by SAC. It was the collaboration of all the students that attended the meeting. We work together as a team for our student and the community.

I hope you will vote for me so I can do the same thing I did the last time I was president. I love this college and I truly care about the students. My vision is to see the students get a good education and have fun at the same time. I plan to create more education event that will be fun. Some event when the time come will also involve family. When the student goes to college the family goes with them. The Student Activity Council is my way I can help the college and students. So, on election day please vote for me.



If you have questions about campus election contact the office of the Campus Dean of Student & Community Engagement at :

Office – 928-704-6400

Email – or

meet the cadidates in white lettering over red background