Fall semester kicks off with virtual fanfare, not too late to sign up for 12 and 8 week classes

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Dr. Trever Holland teaching his English class via Zoom.
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MOHAVE COUNTY –The Mohave Community College fall semester is off to an exciting start with several virtual events for the 3,570 students enrolled in remote and online courses, along with on campus labs.  The college is also currently enrolling students in classes that are 12 and eight weeks long versus the traditional 16 week courses.

Dr. Trever Holland, MCC English instructor is glad to be back to teaching and having fun with his students in remote and online classes.  

“It’s been wonderful to be back and work with students, and our Zoom classrooms really do mirror that ‘in classroom’ environment where we have that interaction between students with each other and students with me,” Dr. Holland said. “We’re having a lot of fun.” 

He makes sure his remote classes resemble what would normally happen in face-to-face classes on campus. One way he does that is by putting groups of students into separate virtual rooms so they can discuss and practice what they’re learning, and then the whole class comes back together to share what they learned in those smaller groups.  

MCC’s Career and Technical Education courses and other instructional labs, such as Chemistry, are working on campus and following all current CDC guidelines, which include face coverings. social distancing and groups no larger than ten.  

MCC welding student and U.S. Navy veteran William Ray said the college is doing a great job making sure students are safe on campus.

“You really can’t learn welding through a computer, so in this program we haven’t had many changes besides wearing a face mask, and it means we’re still on track to finish the course on time,” Ray said. “I certainly feel safe coming to school.” 

The first week started off with three welcome back events where students were able to see a virtual magic show, visit locations around the world in 50 minutes, and learn the art of Origami.   More events are planned throughout the semester and will be posted on the virtual events calendar at www.mohave.edu/coronavirus.  

Although the college’s traditional 16 week long classes started Aug. 24, students are still signing up for 12 week classes that start on Sept. 14, and eight week classes that start Oct. 19.  

“It’s not too late to get signed up because MCC is offering a variety of 12 and 8 week courses for students who are interested in beginning a degree program, working toward a certificate, or just taking an interesting class,” said Lucinda Leugers, MCC Associate Dean of Instruction. “ And you can complete a full course in less time.” 

Classes still accepting students include Social Media Marketing, Web Page Design, English, Macroeconomics, Philosophy, Psychology and more. To see a full list of 12 and 8-week classes, visit www.mohave.edu/accelerated.  

Welding students back in lab classes.
Instructors Justin Pullen (second from left) and Tim Grive (far right) show students how to properly use welding tools.
Dr. Trever Holland teaching his English class via Zoom.
Dr. Trever Holland teaching his English class via Zoom.