Attention Mohave Community College RN graduates and past Alumni!

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Attention Mohave Community College RN graduates and past Alumni!

If you are still looking to complete your RN-BSN program or you are still shopping around, please read the following exciting information from our partner – Chamberlain University!

Mohave Community College partnership with Chamberlain University grants you a 30% tuition savings (right now only for the Sep 2020 start date), waived application fee, and complimentary transcript request on their online RN-BSN program! Schedule a guaranteed appointment time with Chamberlain’s rep, Amber Hughes, to learn more  CLICK HERE

Mohave Community College Partnership with Chamberlain Benefits:

  • For a limited time – Chamberlain is offering for the upcoming Sep 2020 start date a 30% tuition savings on their RN-BSN program to Mohave CC RN grads!
  • Credit hours to complete the 1-year program will range from 30-45 credits based on potential transfer credit. 100% online and offer lifestyle friendly flexibility!
  • Waived application fee
  • Chamberlain will request and pay for all your official transcripts to give you an official in-writing evaluation of how many credits you would be left with, cost, and even your anticipated BSN grad date! All this before you even decide to start! You can’t lose!
  • State date every 8 weeks – but the 30% savings is only valid for Sep 2020 start right now.


  • If you have yet to receive your conferred degree from Mohave CC – THIS IS FOR YOU!
  • Students enrolled in Mohave’s ADN program enroll concurrently in Chamberlain University’s Jump-Start RN to BSN Dual Enrollment Grant Program
  • Chamberlain provides dual enrollment students a grant for two free (tuition and fees) online courses (7 credit hours)
  • Which means total program credit hour range could drop down to 23-38 credits based on potential transfer credit.
  • Students must begin one of the two courses (NR-351 and NR-305) before the conferral of their Diploma or ADN degree from Mohave
  • I’m sorry to say – if you have already received your conferred degree from Mohave this will not apply to you.


Schedule a guaranteed appointment time with Amber Hughes CLICK HERE for more information on degree programs and your savings, or feel free to contact Amber directly at 480-930-3289 or email her at amber.hughes@chamberlain.edu to schedule a time to connect.

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For more information about starting on the path to become a registered nurse, head to https://www.mohave.edu/academics/certificates/nursing