Dr. Klippenstein’s message to students about the new 2020-2026 Strategic Plan


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MCC President Dr. Stacy Klippenstein

Dear Students,

The MCC Strategic Plan 2020 – 2026 marks an important milestone, and it demonstrates our commitment to serving you and our communities.  Thanks to so many of you, the new strategic plan is built directly upon the feedback of the entire college community—and student voices played prominently in its development.  The strategic plan serves like a map, identifying our aspirational destination and the pathway to get there.

A revised Mission statement places students and communities front and center: 

MCC serves our communities, empowering students to succeed through

innovative pathways and quality education.

The MCC Vision Statement succinctly establishes where we are headed as an organization and what we want to accomplish: 

Improving lives.  Improving communities.  Bridging possibility to purpose and prosperity.

The Student Experience Statement serves as an important reference and central guide to future actions and behaviors.  It describes characteristics of the ideal student experience, reinforcing our focus on meeting student needs and delivering engaging learning experiences. 

Finally, the Bighorn Intrepid Goal (BIG) gets our blood flowing, challenging us to do our best by asserting our audacious, action-oriented ambition:

All adults who have not yet completed a post-secondary degree will be inspired to attain the credential, certificate, or degree they seek from Mohave Community College by 2030.

Over the previous months of feedback, data gathering, and analysis, four areas of focus emerged to ultimately form the strategies representing MCC’s highest institutional priorities: 

  1. Enrollment for All;
  2. Academic Programs and Workforce Development Partnerships;
  3. Holistic Approach to Student Success;
  4. Foundations of Organizational Success with Technology, Facilities, Personnel Resources.

Each strategy is accompanied by four to six objectives that serve as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), the means by which progress will be tracked.  Go to the plan for the full strategy statements and their accompanying objectives.  

Using the objectives and KPIs, we will hold ourselves accountable for actions that align with strategic priorities.  To that end, a new college wide committee structure is being implemented that reflects the inherent structure of the plan and encourages consideration of diverse perspectives.  A new Student Advisory Council will formally ensure inclusion of student viewpoints in college planning.

The approval of the strategic plan by the elected MCC Board of Governors is cause to celebrate.  The new plan honors students and communities, and it directly reflects your collective wisdom.  It is an honor to serve you, and our aim is to do so by living our values by enthusiastically creating the future, engaging fearlessly, building together and living authentically. 

Your participation does not have to end!  The campus Deans of Student and Community Engagement are eager to engage with you: Carolyn Hamblin, Bullhead City Campus; Jann Woods, Lake Havasu City Campus; Fred Gilbert, Neal Campus-Kingman; John Cawley, North Mohave Campus.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact my office, Shawn Bristle or Stephen Eaton.  Finally, comments and questions may also be addressed through Strategic. Planning@mohave.edu.