MCC reaches out to students with 60+ credit project, gives out degrees 

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MOHAVE COUNTY – Mohave Community College is working toward contacting students who have 60 or more credits as part of its 60+ Credit Project. The initiative resulted in awarding students proper MCC credentials for the work they have put in in the past.

There are many students who have earned over 60 credits and haven’t earned a degree from MCC. Students who fall into this category can mean one of two things, that they were either taking courses and weren’t pursing a degree at the time or they transferred to a university.

“We want every student that has put in the work to get the recognition they deserve. A college degree is not only a great personal accomplishment that showcases the dedication and desire for self-improvement, but a tool that can be utilized for professional development opportunity and employment mobility,” said Tricia Hanks, MCC Enrollment Management Director.

MCC’s Registrar’s Office has reviewed over 1,000 student accounts that qualify to receive an Associates of General Studies or an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts degree.

“We have sought to make this a simple process to provide the student with the recognition they deserve. Our goal at Mohave Community College is to improve lives and improve communities. We hope these additional degrees will enrich the lives of the recipients,” Hanks said.

If any former MCC students are interested in learning more about the 60+ Credit Project, contact the MCC Call Center at 1-866-MOHAVECC, or 1-866-664-2832.