MCC alumni success story: Dental Hygienist Timothy Schiff


Mohave Community College Dental Hygiene graduate, Timothy Schiff.
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MOHAVE COUNTY – Timothy Schiff is a Mohave Community College graduate from the Dental Hygiene program. Schiff has lived in Kingman for as long as he can remember and decided to finish his higher education near home.

Schiff decided to attend MCC’s Dental Hygiene program because he was always interested in the medical field and decided dental hygiene was “a happy medium” in the health industry, and it’s close to home.

“I like that it’s local, my family is in town, I have a girlfriend in town there’s no reason for me to leave. Keep my roots here,” Schiff said.

Growing up in Kingman his entire life, Schiff said he feels a certain appreciation for the town he grew up in and found a way where he can grow, in a small community, his education and career.

Schiff said he enjoyed the dental hygiene program because it tested his skills and it prepared him for the workforce.

The clinical part of the program prepared him for the workforce because he had real life patients during clinicals and learned how to apply what he learned in the class room in real life.

“We had our clinic sessions, we had real life patients and we had our instructors behind us showing us tips and pointers,” Schiff said.

In his graduating class, he was the only male student. Schiff said that being the only male prepared him for what he was going to experience once he started his career because the dental field is women dominated. 

To future dental hygiene students or current students, his advice is to be organized, get plenty of rest and stay on task. 

After taking his board exams he was able to find a job at two dental offices in Kingman, High Desert Dental and Just for Kids Dentistry.

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Thank you to High Desert Dental for allowing MCC to record in their offices.

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Mohave Community College Dental Hygiene graduate, Timothy Schiff.

Mohave Community College Dental Hygiene graduate, Timothy Schiff.