MCC moving to mostly online instruction during COVID-19 pandemic

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Dr. Andra Goldberg, Computer Information Systems instructor is preparing for changing on ground classes to online for students.
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MOHAVE COUNTY – Mohave Community College is taking more steps to keep students, faculty and staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic by moving most classes online, social distancing and limiting face-to-face interactions.

College President Dr. Stacy Klippenstein sent an email to all students and employees today (March 24), letting them know about the changes and that  the college moved to Stage 4 of its Pandemic Plan.  

“This proactive step will help protect our students, employees and the communities we serve.  It also follows CDC and State Health Department guidelines, and is in line with the response from community colleges across the state,” he wrote in the email.  “MCC employees will continue to monitor federal, state, and county COVID-19 updates and will work with our community partners and health officials to maintain a safe and healthy campus.” 

Spring Break for students has been extended through March 27 and the modified classes will resume March 30. This week college employees are working to establish the best methods possible for students to complete coursework online and through other distance learning modalities.

Stephen Eaton, Chief Academic Officer, said all program directors and associate deans will work with faculty to make sure all students, including those taking lab courses, will be able to safely achieve all of their instruction.

“We will not penalize any student who feels unsafe and wants to stay home to protect themselves and their family members. No student is going to suffer by loss of grade or learning opportunities,” said Eaton. 

He also added that the college will work with individual students who cannot finish their coursework due to impacts caused by the Coronavirus.

Dr. Andra Goldberg, Faculty Council President and Computer Information Systems Instructor, said the faculty is in excellent shape to convert face-to-face courses to online.

“The college has been very proactive over the last several years in providing professional development for faculty in online teaching because of the student interest in this course delivery method,” said Dr. Goldberg. “I’m confident that the faculty will accommodate students online as needed to finish this semester successfully.”

Libraries on the college campuses are closed to the general public, but open to students and employees on a modified schedule.

College employees will be contacting students to inform them of changes to their classes and college services.  Students should contact their instructors and advisors if they have any questions or concerns. 

For more information about the steps the college is taking to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, visit or call 1-866-MOHAVECC (1-866-664-2832).

Dr. Andra Goldberg, Computer Information Systems instructor is preparing for changing on ground classes to online for students.

Dr. Andra Goldberg, Faculty Council  President and Computer Information Systems Instructor, working to transition her on-campus classes to an online learning environment for student safety.