Married Couple Attends MCC Truck Driving School Together

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Stephanie and Christopher Wilson
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As their son was graduating high school and began planning for his future, Christopher and Stephanie Wilson decided it was also time to change their future.

Christopher and Stephanie Wilson are enrolled in the MCC Truck Driving program and plan to drive together into the future.

Stephanie has worked in the medical field since she was 19, and spent the last six years of her life managing a medical clinic.

Christopher, an Mohave Community College alumnus, was working full time for MCC Connect helping students, staff, and faculty.

They decided they want to spend more time together, travel together, and reinvest themselves in each other, but they couldn’t do it with their separate careers. They had to make the change as a team.

Their criteria for a new career was simple; work together, earn money, and have fun. Their passion for road trips led them to the Truck Driving school at MCC.  After all, where else could your passion for road trips and desire to work as a team earn you money?

Team trucking was the answer.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average truck driver, single, is around $45,000 a year.  ZipRecruiter lists the average earnings for team truck drivers around $62,000.

 No matter how they looked at it, the numbers came back in their favor.

“It’s actually a very positive change, I was a clinic manager for six years in the medical field and the wages I’ll be earning will be comparable, if not more!” Stephanie said.

“Starting out, we should be making at least as much as we were making before we made the change. And then it just goes up from there.” Chris said, as he nodded in agreement.

They’ve been in class for a couple of weeks now and feel very comfortable with the setting, class, and what they’re learning. The first couple of weeks focuses on the book and classroom learning, and the rest is spent out on MCC’s Truck Driving range learning and practicing the practical side.

“I love the class,” said Stephanie. “Instructor Twila has been very good to us. She has a lot of experience and also some good tips for women entering into the truck driving world.”

“Everything you need, you will learn here, ” added Chris.

Chris and Stephanie have finished their finals already and are scheduled to take their Department of Transportation tests within the next couple of weeks.

Good luck to both out there!