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The enrollment window is now open for Summer and Fall classes at Mohave Community College.  You can view the Course Schedules online, and set up an appointment with an Advisor through Student Support Connections or call 1-866-664-2832.  If you’re not an MCC student, you can apply for free and get started on your path to success. 

Currently, a lot of students are looking forward to the end of the semester and starting summer break, but summer is also a good time to take classes at MCC.

“Summer provides great opportunities for students to get ahead in their degree program, in a shortened amount of time,” said MCC Chief Student Services Officer Ana Masterson. “In eight weeks, students can complete a course that can take twice that long during the fall or spring semester.”

Summer semester is also a good time to knock out prerequisite courses for programs such as Allied Health and Nursing. You can also earn credits for classes included in the Arizona General Education Curriculum.  AGEC credits from Mohave Community College transfer directly to the college’s university partners. Students attending a partner university, can also take the MCC classes and then have the credits transferred to the university.

“Students not only get a jump start on getting these classes done, they’re going to save thousands of dollars by getting them done right here at home,” said MCC President Dr. Diana Stithem.

MCC has many Summer course offerings, such as Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Information Systems, Education, Math and more.  Summer also offers an opportunity to take classes that fill up quickly during the Fall and Spring semesters. 

“For example, science classes are some of those that fill up fast during the other semesters, so now is a great time to sign up because we typically have some open seats available for summer,” said Stephen Eaton, MCC Chief of Instruction. 

Taking classes at MCC costs $81 per credit hour.  By comparison, a student would pay anywhere between $490 to $633 per credit hour at one of the state universities, according to tuition information posted on the university websites. Students taking a transferable MCC class could have the credits accepted at a university and save around thousand dollars on just one class alone.   

“It’s also important to many students to keep up their grade point average, so summer is a good time to take a course that may seem difficult,” said Stithem.  “You can focus exclusively on that one class during the summer and finish it much faster.”

Registration for Summer and Fall classes is happening now.  Summer classes start May 28.  Fall classes start August 26. More information about classes offered can be found in the college Online Course Search, you can also find program information the Catalog. You can also chat with a representative online at, or on the phone by calling 1-866-MOHAVECC.