Kingman Campus Observatory Joins RECON.

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The Observatory on the Kingman Campus has joined 53 others as part of a multi-state project aimed at exploring the outer solar system.

RECON is a citizen science research project aimed at exploring the Kuiper Belt and they’ve moved a new telescope to the Kingman Campus Observatory so that they can measure the size of various space formations within the Kuiper Belt.

Sample Image from similar telescope.


 The new telescope is computerized and can lock on and track an object in space. Campus Dean Fred Gilbert will be pointing the telescope in unison with the other 53 on April 23rd, 2019 to observe the celestial bodies beyond Neptune in a group collaboration to take photos of the same object along a specific latitude and longitude for the purposes of measuring the size of the chosen celestial body.

 Along with this new telescope, the Observatory boasts a new concrete walkway that allows ease of access to and from the observatory, making the observatory fully ADA compliant, and a nice place to visit.

For more information on the RECON project, or for details about the April 23rd Event, please visit here. Stay tuned with the Mohave Wire later this month to see how it went and for other events involving the new MCC Observatory.