MCC sparks up electrical program

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MCC will soon be your go-to school for electrician training.

Electricians are in high demand right now, and as the industry shifts more towards renewable sources of energy, the demand for trained electricians will only continue to rise.  

That’s a big reason why MCC hired Nuclear Facility Electrician John Roe to restart the program for the Fall 2019 Semester. 

He spent most of his 40 years as an electrician traveling around the nation to fix electrical issues at nuclear facilities.

After all that time gathering experience, and seeing a future need for a lot more quality electricians, he decided it’s time to help educate the next generation.

“It’s been a dream of mine, I’ve been an instructor for four years and I’ve always wanted to put together my own program.”

The lab and classroom are currently under construction and Roe is putting together his list of lab equipment needed for the hands-on training.

“There’s so many things happening in the electrical industry, from electric cars and trucks, to all the facilities that are needed to support those industries, within ten years it’s possible that we won’t have a single combustible engine on the road.”

With such a fast growing job market, MCC is ready to train students to fill the open positions. The program will offer an Associate of Applied Science degree in Electrical Technology and two certifications.

“This is very exciting because John is among the best of the best, he knows the industry, he knows where the industry is going and we’re fortunate to have him on board to help train our future electrical students,” said Jason Gee, the college associate dean of career and technical education.

MCC put the electrical program on hiatus in 2015, to retool and create a better educational environment for the students that would better align with future industry needs.  

Those interested in starting the program should apply soon.  Contact Gee for more information at or  (928) 704-9435.