New workforce readiness credential and management training series, MCC partners to help the community

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Mohave Community College has created a series of four-hour classes that will help teach workforce readiness skills identified by employers locally and across the state.

The courses focus on seven core skill areas that comprise Governor Doug Ducey’s Arizona Career Readiness Credential, commonly referred to as the ACRC.

“Right now, MCC is the only higher learning institution offering courses this comprehensive,” said Jason Gee, MCC associate dean overseeing the ACRC offerings at the college.  “Our classes will help prepare you to earn your ACRC, and you then will become more valuable to employers.”

The courses cover career readiness skills employers desire and include applied mathematics, reading for the workplace, workplace data and graphics.

There are also employability soft skills that include conveying professionalism, collaboration and teamwork, communicating effectively, critical thinking and problem solving.

MCC has also developed a course that serves as an overview and provides summaries of all seven core skill areas.

“You can come in and in just one eight hour session get a refresher of the areas of emphasis prior to taking the exam,” said Keli Hindenach, the college corporate and community education coordinator on the Kingman campus.  “We’re working closely with our partners at the Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce, ARIZONA@WORK, Small Business Development Center and local business leaders to help provide this training to benefit the regional workforce.”

Hindenach has also helped the college put together a separate series of classes for individuals seeking to hone their skills in order to transition into management positions.  There are also classes for mid-level and senior executive level managers with ten or more years experience. 

The Mohave Community College Management Training Series can be taken either individually, or as a collection. These courses include:

  1. Making the Transition to Management
  2. Think Like a Leader
  3. Develop a Personal Leadership Style
  4. Developing a Leadership Image
  5. Communication Skills for Managers
  6. Conducting Productive Meetings
  7. Creating an Effective Team
  8. Resolving Conflicts in the Workplace
  9. Priority and Time Management
  10. Managing Change at Work
  11. Closing the Generation Gap in the Workplace
  12. Understanding Sales

“We’ve set these up, so they can be taken in their standard format, or we can modify the format to fit an organization’s specific needs,” said Hindenach. “Just contact us because we are here to make it work for the businesses and our community.”

The Management Training and ACRC will work hand in hand to help support the regional workforce and economic development.

In Mohave County, the ACRC core partners include the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity, Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce, ARIZONA@WORK, Small Business Development Center and Mohave Community College.

“Because of the in-depth nature of MCC’s ACRC courses and the number of partners we’ve been able to bring to the table, we believe our program can be a model for others in the state to follow,” said Gee.  “So this is a very exciting opportunity for our region.”

You can find more information about ACRC and the Management Training series at the college website, or by calling 1-866-MOHAVECC and asking for Keli Hindenach.