MCC dental care for adults, no charge on United Way Day

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Friday January 25th was United Way Day. This was a day that River Cities United Way assisted by Delta Dental and MCC had a chance to help the adults in our community with complimentary cleaning services. Ashley Wood of River Cities United got the funding approved for the event.


“The reason for doing an event like this in our area is because at River Cities United Way there are numerous times that an adult has called in looking for oral health resources. The concern of cost and limited access to affordable care always gets brought up. We do refer clients to MCC for the dental care they provide but even with minimal out of pocket expenses, the cost still poses an issue to some.”

Second year dental hygiene students along with Greg Sindad, DDS., got to help approximately thirty patients with a variety of oral needs many of whom had been to the dental clinic at MCC before.

Dr. Sindad spoke about the event. “Anytime that there is outreach to the community to make essential services such as dental care available, it is always a good thing. The frustration is that there is so much need and so few resources. We all need to redouble our efforts to make essential health care services available to everyone.”

The event doesn’t just benefit the community or River Cities United Way, it also benefits the dental students who are getting in valuable, and required, clinic hours.

“By partnering together, we create an opportunity for those in need to get access to care while giving the dental department opportunity to get required community service completed and help reach their goals for their degrees as well. It’s a win-win-win.” Says Ashley Wood. “United Way has amazing results with supply and demand being met. MCC student’s gets credit and the Dental Clinic at the school gains some public awareness letting the community know they are here to help, and the community’s needs are being met! Plus, who doesn’t love a fresh clean mouth to smile and make a better first impressions with.”

A huge thank you to Ashely Wood of River Cities United Way for getting the funding for this event approved.

Get more information on the MCC Dental Hygiene School. You can also call 1-866-MOHAVECC and ask to be transferred to the dental hygiene school.

Layla Powell,

BHC Student Multimedia Reporter