MCC instructor’s research in artificial intelligence will be part of national AI symposium

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Dr. Fay Cover, MCC Computer Science Faculty
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A Mohave Community College Faculty member has been informed that her research group’s work surrounding artificial intelligence has been published, and will be presented at a national symposium.

MCC Computer Science Faculty Member Dr. Fay Cover has been part of a research group studying computer cognitive systems.

Dr. Fay Cover, MCC Computer Science Faculty

Their work will be presented at the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Spring Symposium series at Stanford University.

Dr. Cover said she and her research partners have been studying the cognitive system of the robot Sophia.

They examined what it would take for a robot to stop one task, address another, and then determine which task should take precedence.

“Think of someone reading a book, then hearing a person screaming for help,” said Dr. Cover.  “Our goal is to determine what processes are necessary to map a robot’s ‘computer brain’ to prioritize and make a more human-like decision.”

Dr. Cover said her group obtained positive results, but more research is needed.

Dr. Cover joined the MCC Computer Science program in 2017.  Previously, she was a professor at Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado. 

“It was too cold there, I had to move, and I have family here in Arizona.” she said.

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Download the research: Using Tononi Phi to Measure Consciousness of a Cognitive System While Reading and Conversing

Below is video of Sophia at the biggest European festival on the future, Brain Bar 2018.