New MCC award program helps more than 500 students

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Mohave Community College knows many people are concerned about paying for college, so MCC created a new award to help.

513 MCC students were recently notified that they are recipients of the new Retention and Completion Initiative Award.

“This will help empower our students to succeed,” said College President Dr. Michael Kearns. “The initiative focuses on assisting students with the basic need of paying for tuition and fees.”

The majority of the 513 students awarded had not received any federal financial aid or scholarships.  The awards were disbursed through the newly-established Student Accounts Office, under the vision and direction of Dr. Kearns. 

Representatives from the college call center, MCC Connect, reached out to each student to inform them they had received the award and would see a reduction in their tuition account balance.  Student responses ranged from pleased, to excited, to extremely grateful. 

“We had one student tell us that her work hours had just been reduced significantly and she was worried about making her scheduled payment for tuition and fees,” said Erica Dysart, MCC Connect Manager. “She was elated to be an RCI Award recipient because it ended her stress, and allowed her to focus on a strong finish to the fall semester.” 

Another student was overjoyed when she was told she was an RCI award recipient and called it a blessing, just in time for Christmas, said Dysart.