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Last Wednesday Mohave Community College was alongside many other organizations and colleges that participated in the CRUHSD Student Career and Education Exploration at the Mohave Crossing Event Center.

This is an event that was created in hopes of helping local high school students select the pathways to their successful futures. It was actually this event that sparked me to enroll in Mohave Community College some years ago! Many eager teenagers were interested in finding out more about their local college and the certificates and degrees they could obtain.


Walking by the dental programs’ booth I noticed many smiling faces as the dental staff went the “Extra Smile” and showed projects completed by students during the program, panoramic films, and commonly used dental instruments.

While in the area, I had the pleasure of hearing what the dental staff thought of the event this year;

“This is a great event! There have been many interesting young adults with positive attitudes. A lot of kids do not have the opportunity to explore their options and this event helps them.”-Tonya Wade

“It is amazing giving information to kids to help them make an informed decision about their future. I wish I had something like this when I was in high school.” -Charity Palm

“So, one of the reasons why it is so cool for Mohave Community College to be a part of this program is because these are the kids that live locally. They are the future of our community, so exposing them to a lot of options, especially things that they can do from their home, benefits our entire community.” -Tracy Gift

I think it is events like this, and MCC’s Concom, that impact our community in a very positive manner and get high schoolers thinking about what is next when they receive that diploma.

I, for one, am very thankful I had the opportunity to go to an event full of my local opportunities when I was in high school.

Layla Powell

Student Multimedia Reporter, BHC Campus