Student Reporter: Thank You MCC, #BighornPride

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Graduates at booth
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MCC Student Brittney Manson

By Brittney Manson, MCC Student Reporter


Wow. I can’t believe that it is the end of the semester already and look at how far we have come!

This has been such a fun, inspiring, and transforming journey. I highly suggest all students start at MCC, or a community college in your area, and I don’t suggest it because I went to MCC or because I have worked for the college, but honestly because you can save so much!

I have practically earned my Associate degree free. Free!  I have no debt at all.

It’s strange to think that at one point I thought I would never be able to afford to get an education, and because of that, I didn’t even try.  But look at me now! I’m graduating from the PTK honor society and will be walking in commencement on May 11th with so many others, and I am so proud of us all! Through all the hardships, homework, clinicals, and finals we made it!Want to show your pride? Take a picture and post it

Hopefully you and your college friends have taken lots of pictures. At commencement post those pictures to any social media with the hashtag #BighornPride and if you do, you could be one of three chosen to receive a SWAG bag valued at $50! How awesome would that be?

I just can’t get over how crazy it is that this journey is over for me. Going to college has changed me so much and has broadened my mind. It has made me feel complete and confident.

Thank you MCC for the opportunity to gain a quality education and may we never stop learning.

Farewell and thank you MCC, it’s been fun!

Graduates at booth

2018 MCC Graduates Brittney Manson and Mathew Johnson, All Arizona Academic Team member.