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Nina Martorano
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Graduation and summer are huge this year since I’ll be graduating and finishing up my position as the student blogger here on the Bullhead City campus; my student blogger days will be over in the beginning of May unfortunately. Since my ending date is so close, I’m going to share a few tips for students because I’ve been through a variety of hoops that could possibly and potentially benefit you!

Note from MCC Financial Aid – students should consult financial aid and/or an MCC Advisor before making any decisions that may or may not impact your financial aid.  Students have different situations, so while you read about Nina’s insightful experience, remember it most likely will differ from your personal financial aid situation.  Thank you for sharing your insight Nina! And congratulations on earning your Rad Tech degree! 

Tip 1 (Submitting an Appeal)

Our credits eventually run out leading us to the question “What do I do now.”  My degree declaration was set up for Liberal Arts, just a few more classes and I could have a degree In Liberal Arts, as well as Radiology. I thought taking so many credits to find my calling was a positive aspect until financial aid informed me of maxing out the credit level. Radiology highly contributed to this. I was asked by financial aid to submit an appeal until my counselor had a brilliant idea. The counselor contacted financial aid and asked if they could take off my Liberal Arts credits so I would no longer be maxing out the credit level; financial aid was able to take off a good chunk of the credits so an appeal was no longer needed and my tuition and expenses were covered. Be aware of how many credits you are taking and have taken. MCC has options, you just have to ask and keep options available.

Tip 2 (Applying for Loans and Work Study)

Prerequisites are expensive, but entering an allied health program could cost you a whole lot more. The stress was on when I found out I’d have to choose loans over a work study job on campus. I was a fitness mentor in the old gym here on the Bullhead City campus (Located in the Art Building) after a year of being a fitness mentor, I had to give it up once I started the radiology program. I was led to believe having a work study job and taking out loans was okay, but it’s not. I chose loans because I needed the money right then as opposed to working the work study job and making payments that may not have been enough. Students going into any program that need the money right then and there, make sure when applying for a job on MCC, find a job that is NOT a work study position! Student blogging is a regular job on campus opposed to work study. Work study has a set amount given in increments that you must accept in Net Partner.

Tip 3 (Semester Credits)

During one semester in the radiology program, I was not able to receive all the financial aid I needed since I took all the needed prerequisites ahead of time. My goal was to get ahead but unfortunately I was not ahead financially. The semester was part time rather than full time. If I would have known, I would have waited to take a few courses to even out the amount of credits; part time for this semester did not help me financially. Before entering a program, ask others who are in or have completed the program you’re interested in, or ask the director what you should do, or wait for when it comes to prerequisites.

Nina Martorano

Staying Ahead,

Antonina Martorano, Bullhead City Campus Student Blogger