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Concom was a hit!
You may have seen the ads or read about the event in the local newspaper. It was a first for Mohave Community College, and the college plans to make this an annual event.
“We’ve had incredibly positive feedback from students, businesses and city and school leaders who were very impressed with ConCom and I can’t thank the employees and students enough for helping make it such an great educational and fun event,” said MCC Bullhead City Campus Dean Shawn Bristle.
MCC Concom is part job fair, part college to career awareness and entirely fun. 
Hundreds of high school students came to the event and all of them I spoke with were very impressed with the college and all the options they have as students.  It was such a wonderful way for everyone to see what MCC and the community has to offer. 
As the MCC Student Blogger and a Radiologic Technology Student, I thought it was very exciting to engage with radiology students Cecilia and Duana, who were wonderful as they gathered students and public at the bone marrow drive being hosted by the Devin Porter, class president of the radiology program.

Devin Porter, Radiologic Technology Club President, sending off information from 42 registrants who took part in the bone marrow donation drive at ConCom.

The bone marrow drive allowed anyone to participate, but will only notify the donor if they marked “willing” or “very willing” on the form, and if they’re within the age range of 18 to 44.
The bone marrow drive process included swabbing each side of the inside of a person’s cheek and inbetween their gums for 10 seconds each. 
Donation of bone marrow can be done through PBSC (Peripheral blood stem cell), and Marrow donation. PBSC is a non-surgical procedure that take around four hours. A medication is administered to take five days prior to donation. The administered medication takes cells out and puts them back in. 75% of donors choose this route.
Marrow donation is a surgical procedure that requires being under anesthesia so the doctor can collect marrow from the back of the pelvic bone. Donors should be back to normal within seven days. 25% of donors choose this method. 
As every sponsor was important at this event, the main sponsors were DOT Foods, A&G Towing, Tristate Pain Institute and the Mohave Electric Coop.  An interesting side note – A&G Towing told us that the wives of several employees are students in the MCC Nursing Program.  A&G towing also strives to help others learn the towing business and hope to see more female drivers in the future.

High school students enjoying lunch at MCC ConCom.

Michael Griffiths, DOT Foods human resources manager, was provided with an office on the Bullhead City campus until the company’s new complex at the Airport Industrial Park were constructed.  He said he and his company are grateful for MCC’s help. DOT Foods is working on an upcoming coding product.
Allyson Fair and Medical Assistant Star, from the Tristate Pain Institute, want people to know that MCC is a campus with so much to bring to the table!
ConCom also had free food, music, and prizes. Students from most of the CTE and Allied Health programs, along with MCC student club members served fresh food, helped at the prize wheel and helped people find there way around campus.  To spin the prize wheel, ,ConCom participants needed to fill out a survey about what they learned at the event. 

Students dancing at MCC ConCom to music played by DJ Loke.

Let’s not forget about DJ Loke! DJ Loke spiced up the tunes with music from the 90’s and other good choices. She knew how to keep the event upbeat and was very approachable when people wanted to request announcements. Thank you for your tunes and energy DJ Loke!
As for one of my favorite parts of this event, I ran into a sponsor that has helped MCC students with various expenses. Brittany Guzman with ARIZONA@WORK is a person I started out with for help with school expenses. This company offered me free gas, books, and much more. Goodwill took over this position of the company and switched me with a new mentor. Brittany Guzman was an outstanding mentor. Anytime I went in, everything was always ready without any problem. This company did a good job with this student program. Thank you Brittany Guzman for your heart and time! If any student wants to know how the new Goodwill can help with expenses, contact me personally so I can direct you. 


Until Next Time, 
Antonina Martorano (Bullhead City Campus Student Blogger) 
Nina Martorano

Nina Martorano, MCC Student Blogger