Two agencies rank MCC online paralegal program among the best in the country


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The Mohave Community College online paralegal degree is one of the top 20 most affordable in America, according to a recent review by the online ranking agency SR Education Group.   

“This ranking recognizes online schools across the nation that are making an effort to provide economical options for students,” said SR Education Group Representative Victoria Duan.  The agency ranks online degrees based on affordability and quality. 

MCC students can earn an Associate of Applied Science Paralegal degree entirely online.  MCC also offers an online paralegal certificate.

The online paralegal research and referral group Paralegal EDU recently named the MCC online certificate one of the top entry level certificate programs in the country.

“After looking at hundreds of programs available at accredited schools, we feel MCC deserved to be recognized among the best of the best, so we’ve named you as our number one recommendation for students in your state,” said Sean Reed, senior editor with

Students who earn a certificate are prepared for entry level work in the legal profession.  They learn skills such as basic legal writing, ethical rules, how to conduct legal research and prepare to become a paralegal.

Paralegals work under the supervision of an attorney and assist the attorney in many of the functions they perform, with the exceptions of representing clients in court and giving legal advice.

“The recent top rankings for the MCC Paralegal program reflect the hard work of our faculty and staff who always put students first,” said James Jarman, MCC spokesman. “MCC online paralegal students benefit from the convenience of earning a degree or certificate at home, without sacrificing educational quality.”

The average annual salary for a paralegal is $50,000, according to the most recent information from the U.S. Department of Labor.  Paralegal jobs are also in high demand, and are expected to double the average occupational growth rate over the next eight years.

In state tuition for a paralegal associate degree from MCC is $5,103, however approximately 65% of MCC students qualify for tuition assistance to help lower the cost of tuition.  The cost for a certificate is less than half that.

MCC students who live in 14 other western states that participate in the Western Undergraduate Exchange partnership will pay tuition of $7,654 to earn a paralegal associate degree.    

“The investment and payoff for someone who wants to become a paralegal is very good,” said Jarman.  “Let’s say you pay the total tuition here of about $5,000, that’s the amount of money you invest to get into a career that on average pays paralegals $50,000 for an annual income.”

Along with tuition assistance such as financial aid and scholarships, MCC students also have the option of signing up for an interest free, flexible payment plan.

For more information on the MCC paralegal degree and certificate call 1-866-MOHAVECC or check them out online at  You can sign up for the summer semester classes starting on April 2.  Fall enrollment begins on April 16.