MCC Dental Hygiene Students meet state lawmakers at Capitol, learn legislative process


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Dental instructorWritten by, Dani Keza, MCC Dental Hygiene Instructor 

On Thursday, March 1, Mohave Community College’s Dental Hygiene Students attended Capitol Day at the Arizona State Capitol.

The students were interested in learning about how a bill becomes law and since a Dental Therapy bill  had just passed the Arizona State Senate and was being transmitted to the House, they were eager to learn more.

The bill, SB1377, may help meet the dental needs of the underserved community by implementing a mid-level provider, much like the Physician’s Assistant in the medical field. It was an exciting and rewarding experience for all the students.

They were welcomed by their State Senator Sonny Borelli, who was a supporter of the bill. He arranged for a conference room and led a discussion with the students about the bill while encouraging their learning about the legislative process.

The students also met with lobbyist Kristen Boilini who has been fighting for the dental therapy bill, along with Dr. Regina Cobb who opposes the bill. They left with a better understanding of how the state legislature operates while gaining an invaluable experience.

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Group of people

Pictured from left to right: Dental Hygiene Instructor Dani Keza, Dental Hygiene Students Melanie Qualm, Ryne Melstrom, Candice Garrison, Megan Gulley, Kesley Low, Erica Maes, Marlee Nies, Makenna Molnar, Cody Lacy, Arizona State Senator Sonny Borelli, Nohemi Monteon, Berenice Ruezga, Leeza Kemp, Sage Mackenzie, Kelda Hernandez, Mellady Krankel and Olena Grytsak.