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Former MCC student, Sabrina Jauss, is continuing her success at NAU due to the MCC2NAU Transfer program here at MCC. She graduates with a bachelors in early childhood education in May of 2019. Before going for her bachelors in early childhood education, Sabrina completed her associate’s degree in business here at MCC but Sabrina found her true calling a few years down the line. 
MCC has provided Sabrina Jauss with help and opportunity along the way, including with her financial aid which has been a bit easier for Sabrina because MCC didn’t raise their tuition cost like other colleges. Along with the same nice low cost of tuition through MCC Sabrina received a little extra help with her financial aid, with some help from the kind Financial Aid staff she was able to file an appeal, for having exceeded the maximum time frame, and write a letter demonstrating why she deserved an extended amount. This option is open to any student willing to do the extra steps of filing an appeal, writing a letter, and patiently waiting as the decision is reach, within a week but sometimes longer.
Since the transfer, NAU has Sabrina completing a practicum with a group of kindergartners & first graders. The lessons she teaches are geared towards math at the moment but she works with them on a variety of activities. This is it, she’s on her way to the finish line and new beginnings and once this semester is completed, she will do a semester full of classes, and then a full semester of student teaching.
Sabrina says “The tough part about this profession is knowing when to cut ties with what you hear and don’t want to hear. It’s hard not to let the children’s stress become your own stress. All I want is for students to grow and understand what they are capable of becoming and learning.” If you’re like Sabrina and want to save a little extra in the bank, check out this MCC2NAU transfer program. Sabrina did most of her prerequisite NAU courses without having to worry if a seat was available on a busy campus. This could be YOU! If you’re not looking to stay in the area for a long time and want am affordable education, this program is a good start.
 Thank you for sharing your story with us, Sabrina! Good luck!
Nina Martorano
Antonina Martorano, Bullhead City Campus Student Blogger
 For more information on the MCC2NAU Transfer Program, click here.