Student Reporter: No Tuition Hike for MCC!


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 MCC Student Brittney MansonBy Brittney Manson,  Mohave Wire Student Reporter


Students across the campus heard the good news that tuition will not go up for the fourth year in a row.

Life is often random and full of unforeseeable mishaps, we all have so much going on in our private lives, but students can rest at ease knowing that tuition rates will stay at the low cost of $81 per credit hour, for the next year.

Although many students receive financial aid, there is always the chance that a student will not be eligible, or that the aid will not be dispersed on time and if plan A doesn’t work, plan B will stay affordable.

Students understand the importance of low tuition, not just for themselves, but for all aspiring students.

Molly Corey, a student and member of Phi Theta Kappa said, “By not hiking tuition rates, it inspires students to pursue a higher education, giving them solace in knowing that it will be affordable.”

Low tuition rates can help anybody and everybody. Even if we may not personally be affected, we might know someone who could be severely impacted by higher tuition.

Todd Cook, a second semester student, told me about a friend of his who had to pay for her classes out of pocket this semester.  “Her level of dedication is amazing. If it wasn’t for the tuition rate being as low as it is, I think she would have stopped her classes. Because of incidents in her young life, she wasn’t eligible for financial aid this semester. Instead of giving up, she decided to take one class at a time until she is eligible for financial aid again.”

Lower tuition rates not only make it affordable to get an education, but also doable.

For the past four years, MCC has fought to keep tuition low, putting its students first.  We students are glad that MCC has kept affordability in mind for us and are proud to represent this college.