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Dental students
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Mohave Community College’s dental program put on its 12th annual Give Kids A Smile Event this last weekend.
What is the ‘Give Kids a Smile Event’ you ask?
Every year the program offers free cleanings for children ages 4-14.  Those 15 and older are encouraged to have their parents call the MCC Clinic and see what specials are available. Due to the amount of children who show up for the free event, appointments are required.    

Dental students

The dental clinic has seen children who have a lot of dental decay, but thanks to MCC, the parents and children an increase their dental IQ and when the children return for the next cleaning their teeth are always much better. Dental studentsThe better your dental IQ, the better your oral hygiene and dental health! 
MCC continues to improve children’s smiles every year, but it’s not just the children and the community who benefit from this event. First year dental hygienist students and dental assisting students were allowed to come in to help the second year students on a rotating schedule, thereby grabbing valuable hands-on experience that is key to the program. Though the first year students are not required to attend, the second year students are so they can display their competency to their instructors.




Children at the clinic also receive a sealant, and for MCC students applying the sealant is an important skill they will use in dental offices where they will eventually work. Sealant is a preventative measure that protects teeth from decay. It is a resin coating that prevents bacteria from entering microscopic grooves and fissures in the teeth where decay is common. This procedure is targeted for younger children, around six years of age when children start getting their permanent molars.
One parent explained to me that bringing her daughter here for the past few years has inspired her to apply for work in the dental field. She said since her daughter always looks forward to getting her teeth cleaned every year, she wants to have a job that allows her to inspire other children to keep up with their dental health.
I asked several students about their passion for cleaning teeth and I was surprised by the variety of answers I received, such as:
“I loved going to the dentist and getting my teeth cleaned.”

Group of people

“I remember getting my braces off and wanted to keep a big bright smile.”
“Most of my family was in the dental field, so I wanted to follow in their footsteps.”
Round of applause for the dental program keeping everyone smiling!
Interested in having your teeth done or want to recommend someone?
Contact the dental clinic at Mohave Community College, Bullhead City Campus
And don’t forget to look out for next years Give Kids A Smile Event! We look forward to seeing all those bright smiles again and hope there’s many more on the way!
The Dental program and their goodie bags full of flavor are appreciated,
Nina Martorano
Student Blogger, Bullhead City Campus