MCC will not raise tuition, keeping college affordable for students


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Mohave Community College will not to raise tuition next year, which means the college has not touched the tuition rate in four years.

College administrators recommended tuition remain unchanged and during the February meeting of the MCC Board of Governors, the board trustees agreed and voted to leave tuition alone. 

MCC Student Brittney Manson

MCC Student Brittney Manson

MCC student Brittney Manson was pleased when she heard about the decision.  She thinks most students realize that colleges and universities often raise tuition rates every year or two, and that MCC students will be very happy the college is holding firm at $81 per credit.

“I think that is a huge benefit for us because everything can get pretty expensive and I’m glad that MCC is fighting to keep college affordable for us,” said Manson, a second year MCC student on the Lake Havasu City Campus.

Many MCC students are balancing school, work and family life and they know the value of a dollar and their own time, said MCC Student Nina Martorano.

Nina Martorano

MCC Student Nina Martorano

“I’m studying radiologic technology and looking forward to getting into a good career with good pay, and without the affordable tuition at MCC it would be much harder to make this happen,” said Martorano.

MCC President Dr. Michael Kearns pointed out during the board meeting that MCC is the only college in the state to keep tuition the same over a four-year period.

“This means students’ financial aid dollars stretch farther, scholarship dollars stretch farther, this really makes a difference for our students,” said Dr. Kearns.

Julie Bare headshot

MCC Board Trustee Dr. Julie Bare

Board of Governors Trustee Dr. Julie Bare noted that it is impressive and rare for a college to avoid raising tuition for so many years. 

“It is commendable we’ve gone four straight years and had no increase,” said Dr. Bare. “It’s a point of pride that the college is able to provide services that, according to student surveys, are above and beyond expectations.”

The college faculty, staff and administration work hard to ensure quality and value are realized at all levels, which is one reason the college is able to offer such an affordable tuition rate, according to MCC Spokesman James Jarman.  

The decision to leave tuition untouched means MCC students will be able to take advantage of some of the lowest rates in the country.  For Arizona residents the cost of one college credit at MCC will remain $81.

The cost for MCC students who live in 14 other western states, along with active-duty military, will stay at $121.50 per credit hour. 

Out of state students who do not live in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington or Wyoming will pay $283.50 per credit hour.

MCC, along with colleges and universities in the states listed above are part of the Western Undergraduate Exchange partnership, which allows students to reap steep nonresident tuition discounts.

The MCC Board also voted to continue the tuition benefits for first time MCC students who pay only 50 percent of tuition for their first class.  Senior citizens get a 50 percent discount on tuition for all classes.  

The college also has 20 university transfer partners, so students who want a four-year degree can start at MCC and pay its low tuition for college credits, then transfer those credits to a university where they can complete their bachelor’s degree.

High school students in the MCC district can earn college credits at no cost through dual enrollment courses.  High school students and their parents should contact MCC and ask about the Dual Enrollment program.  

The sign up period for summer classes at MCC begins on April 2.  If you want to sign up for fall semester classes, the enrollment period begins on April 16.

Call 1-866-MOHAVECC or chat with an MCC representative by clicking the chat icon icon in the bottom right hand corner of the web page during MCC Connect hours.