Student Blogger: Don’t weep over WEPA, MCC goes paperless


WEPA printer
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Spring of 2018 starts a new semester for Mohave Community College and a new semester brings change and some growing pains. MCC, like many other schools and businesses, is trying to lower their carbon footprint by reducing the need for paper and part of the new reduction plan is to cut back on unnecessary printing. 
Introducing WEPA, the new student printing system.
WEPA printer

New WEPA printing station.

Before WEPA students were given an allowance of virtual money, much like monopoly money, so while it appeared that students were paying for printing out of their Financial Aid money, they actually weren’t. WEPA not only clears up this misunderstanding for students but also helps MCC and the students to manage their printing better.
Of course, it’s not just students who are having to adjust to less paper shuffling, in fact, all the staff will tell you they cannot print or make any copies for you, or for anything non-essential. Since the world is becoming more electronically based, MCC would like to use that as an advantage for saving the environment.
What is WEPA?
WEPA is a new kiosk printing machine that is accessible in each of the libraries for student, or the general public, this new printing system requires that students use their JICS login and password to access the website. This website has various options for printing and making copies; perhaps this website may be easier for people who use google cloud, laptops, specific learning systems, email, mobile device, or a USB drive. This will save time for students who would rather use these options rather than being forced to e-mail it to themselves, or otherwise juggle around file locations. 
 Logging onto the computers was an easy way for the old way of printing but did not offer the ease or options for printing locations like the new kiosk does! 
The general public can use this improved system as well; anyone who’s not a part of MCC will have to set up an account with MCC before they can use the WEPA kiosk. The charges will be $0.10 for black and white ink, and $0.25 cents for color.


For more information on WEPA, including a user manual and other instructions, click Saving The Tree.
Antonina Martorano, Bullhead City Campus Student Blogger
Nina Martorano