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Welcome back to school!

This week was a wake-up call: my second job, relationship, family, and friends are all having a hard time knowing school is back in session. I’ve set a few goals for the semester and those goals are already starting to annoy people, so I broke down this week and told everyone who was annoyed with me that I can only be one “Nina.” I let my friends and family know that I cannot commit to any activity, even if that activity is fun, unless I have rest, homework, meal prep, therapeutic time, work, and other general responsibilities completed.

With a lot of financial stress going on in my life, I’ve had to budget more than usual and this sets me back from going out with friends to have fun. Having fun while school is back in session is the least of my worries, however. Remember, going to school is one thing you must make all about you! Going to school is only a short period of time, even if that time feels like a slow current. I may have accepted that school and survival is my number one responsibility but others can’t seem to do the same.

My best advice to you is to put those people aside, if you are important to them then they will come around and be in your life when the time is right. I’ve had people tell me they will never make plans with me, hang up on me, and stop talking to me. Since classes started this semester, I decided to put those people aside and take a look in the mirror.

As I took a long look I saw someone who needs to focus for graduation, someone who is trying to keep it all together, and feel better in the skin she’s in. I imagine the endless possibilities and new important people who will show up in my life after I’ve graduated and I feel other students could be going through the exact same obstacles.

If there are any students who would like to share any tips on how they are getting through the first few weeks with a similar situation, or any you feel like sharing, please feel free to respond to this blog by answering these questions.

What do you tell important people in your life when they want to soak up all your attention?

What are your goals for the semester?

Send me a similar story and how you handled it. 

Stay Focused,
Antonina Martorano, Bullhead City campus student blogger

Nina Martorano