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Four Mohave Community College students have been named Mohave Scholars and will each receive $2,000 scholarships.   

The scholarships are provided by the Mohave Community College Foundation, and are given to recent high school graduates who excel academically, are enrolled full time at MCC and are giving back to their communities through community service work. 

One student from each MCC campus is chosen and will serve as a student ambassador for the MCC Foundation.

Jason Picard is the Mohave Scholar representing the Neal Campus-Kingman. Jessica Barlow was chosen from the North Mohave campus. The Bullhead City Campus recipient is Jose Tor Sablon.  Lake Havasu City campus scholar is Morgan Licari.

Mohave Scholar Jessica Barlow. Home campus - North Mohave.

Mohave Scholar Jessica Barlow. Home campus – North Mohave.

The Scholars said the award helps them pay for college and realize they can achieve their goals.

Mohave Scholar Jason Picard. Home campus - Neal Campus-Kingman.

Mohave Scholar Jason Picard. Home campus – Neal Campus-Kingman.

“This is a huge confidence boost and I am so grateful for to receive this,” said Barlow, a graduate of El Capitan High School. “When it was announced I thought to myself, ‘I can do this after all! I can make my dreams come true.’ I am also grateful for the people that have helped me get to the place that I am now, including the Mohave

 Community College Staff.”

For Picard, a Kingman High School graduate, the award is more proof that he made the right decision to start college at MCC and save money while knocking out some core college requirements, which he’ll eventually transfer to a university.

I didn’t quite want to go straight to NAU, I wanted to get a feel for college before I dove headfirst into it,” he said. “I’m currently working on my liberal arts degree, beyond that I’m still trying to find things that interest me.”

Barlow hopes to eventually become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. She’s taking her core requirements at MCC, while enjoying the ability to stay home and save money.  “Being a Mohave Scholar helps me pay for the credits I need to get into the University of my dreams, as well as gain so much knowledge that I otherwise would have to wait for because of the cost.”

Jose To-rSablon

Mohave Scholar Jose Tor Sablon. Home Campus – Bullhead City

Jose Tor Sablon is studying Computer Science at MCC and plans to move on to a university to pursue his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. 

“I realized I wanted to go to MCC first when I was in high school and started taking MCC classes through WAVE/JTED.  I enjoyed studying at MCC, and then I took a field trip to check out other programs like business, auto shop, HVAC, dental and much more,” the Mohave High School graduate said. “That’s when I really knew I wanted to start here first.”

Lake Havasu City High School graduate Morgan Licari plans to finish her liberal arts associate degree this May.

“After I complete my degree, I’ll be joining the Marines and leaving for boot camp over the summer,” she said. “I chose MCC because it’s such a great value and this scholarship is helping me cover tuition, books and other expenses.”

Morgan Licari

Mohave Scholar Morgan Licari. Home Campus – Lake Havasu City

All of the Mohave Scholars earned the awards because of their academic performances and community involvement during their years in high school.  The awards are paid for thanks to donations to the Mohave Community College Foundation.

More information on scholarships offered at MCC and scholarships outside of MCC, as well as other options for tuition assistance, head to the Paying for College section of

If you’d like to donate to college scholarships for local students, or create a scholarship, contact the Mohave Community College Foundation.