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Riley Regan, 2016 MCC graduate, tells us about life during and after the physical therapy assistant program. Her four year plan turned into a three year journey thanks to her dual enrollment classes in high school that helped check off a year off her workload. As part of the High School Dual Enrollment program Riley completed most of her math courses as well as her English 101 and 102 classes.

The PTA program consist of three full semesters of classes, with one four week class and clinical trials. The clinical trials for the PTA program work by placing the student wherever there is availability, based off considerations given by the student, i.e. where you can stay with friends, relatives, or even afford on your own, Riley was sent to three different areas for clinical trials Texas, Las Vegas, and Snowflake, Arizona.  If you’re a little worried that the clinical site you want may be full? Don’t worry! They try their best to keep you in or near your requested areas. Riley was fortunate and grateful for those who presented her with room availability, along with other help throughout her time in each area and the friendships she made while attending her clinical trials.

If you’re looking for a program at Mohave Community College that allows you to travel, this is for you! Riley says, “Working during this program is not recommended. If you must, prepare yourself for endless studying and late nights with no sleep. Living out of your realm is a challenge, we are adapting for those sixteen weeks. Some people have to pay out of pocket for this whole program. If anything, apply for any scholarship you possibly can and keep up on deadlines.”

Riley succeeded while working and found time to relieve stress in cross-fit classes, diving in the sand for the volleyball, and putting in work at the gym. Even though she does not recommend that path for anyone, it’s important to find what works for you, like Riley did!

Physical activity is one of the reasons Riley chose the medical field, she specifically chose physical therapy because dealing with blood wasn’t her cup of tea – that’s for Phlebotomists!  She also wanted to help people of all ages get on the road to proper and healthy recovery. Currently, Riley is working in a skilled nursing facility and says she won’t change that right now because she continues to thrive and learn on the job.

During Riley’s third semester she faced quite a few negative people who would all tell her that she is not going to pass her board exams. Of course she was thrilled to prove them wrong when she passed with flying colors!


Riley, your determination brought you success, congratulations!

I met Riley during my first semester in the radiology program when she volunteered to teach my class proper patient care with the gate belt for lifting patients. Thank you for being inspiration to others and yourself.

Want more information on the PTA program? Click Here, and then submit an Information Request form on the right hand side of the screen!

Antonina Martorano, Bullhead City Campus Student Blogger


Nina Martorano