New MCC Truck Driving School ready to roll and now enrolling students

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Mohave Community College this week opened the student application process for its new truck driving school.

Students can graduate from the school in just six months with a Truck Driver Training-Logistics Management Certificate and take the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) test on campus.

“The big reason we’re launching this truck driving school is because of the increasing demand for professional truck drivers,” said MCC President Dr. Michael Kearns.  MCC semi truck

Nationally, CBS News reported this week that the by the end of the year, our country will be short 50,000 truck drivers. The number could more than triple in 10 years, which would mean delivery delays, product shortages and higher prices for everyone.

“Locally, we have businesses such as DOT Foods, looking to hire more local drivers,” said Dr. Kearns. “MCC is here to help support the regional workforce and economic development, and we have a top notch driving range, equipment, faculty and student services to help get future professional truck drivers prepared to handle the job.”

Unlike private truck driving schools, MCC offers students the ability apply for financial aid, which includes Pell Grants.  MCC Truck Driving students may also qualify for scholarships to pay tuiti


Dan Napier MCC Truck Driving School Instructor

Dan Napier MCC Truck Driving School Instructor


“This opens the door for people in our region who’ve been wanting to take truck driving classes, but thought they couldn’t afford it,” said Dr. Kearns.

MCC’s truck driving school will consist of four units – Foundations of Truck Driving, Advanced Operating Practices, Truck Driving Logistical Management, and Truck Driving Externship.

Students who demonstrate they have mastered the skills of a unit can move on to the next unit and possibly graduate sooner.

“This program is hands-on and you’ll be teamed up with a college-approved mentor in the industry for a 180-hour externship,” said Dan Napier, MCC Instructor. “The program ends with the completion of the CDL driving test.”

Graduates will get training to prepare them for employment in the truck driving industry, including both long-haul and short-haul trips, using multi-axle vehicles and trailers.  Students will also learn about the rules and regulations within the truck driving industry.

In addition to the skills and knowledge needed to drive multi-axle vehicles, MCC will teach you how to professionally represent a company.

“You’ll learn communication skills, customer service, critical thinking and problem solving for situations you’ll most likely face in the real world,” said Napier.

The median income for truck drivers is $41,340 a year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  

More information can be found on the MCC Truck Driving School web page.

Gainful Employment information can be found here: