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As the Student Multimedia Reporter, one of my assignments is to get students, faculty and staff more engaged with MCC on Snapchat.

The college currently has Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube pages that have plenty of followers. With the constantly evolving apps and tech out there, Snapchat is an app that offers a chance to help share what’s happening at MCC with more people. 

Recently, at the Mohave County Fair I was able to gain a lot of followers on Snapchat and had many Snapping me back.  I personally use snapchat every day to communicate and send pictures to my family all over the USA. I love the app and would love to see more students using it to communicate college happenings.

This Snapchat Project of mine is something I really would like to get up off the ground and gain a larger number of followers. I try to attend as many events as I can and I am always Snapchatting the events on the MCC account. If you are interested and would like to be a part of our Snapchat followers, please feel free to add us at mohavec on Snapchat!!

I Look forward to seeing your Snaps and you seeing all of mine that I post on there for the College!!

Joann Destigter, MCC Student Multimedia Reporter

Joann Destigter, MCC Student Multimedia Reporter