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The dreadful weeks with no sleep, junk-food binging, attending study groups less than often, Starbucks runs, and bad hygiene all lead to success or failure. As midterms approach, I’m already deciding between greasy foods and lots of high fructose corn-syrup products. Midterms are much harder for me to get through. For myself, if I’m not up to par grade average-wise, I become anxious for finals.

Midterms set the tone. You either keep spending extra time with good study habits, or spend extra time crunching to catch up. Midterms determine how the rest of your semester needs to proceed. Stress piles up no matter what! You can research all statistics on how to study for these important exams, but it’s “Your Reality.” Everyone has to make a different study plan. Everyone’e lives and brains are different.

After completing 2 years of prerequisites and almost a 2 year allied health program, I’ve dropped and started all sorts of different study habits. In the beginning, I was completely horrible when it came to studying; juggling 4-5 classes with a full time job was barley making the grade. Complete panic mode stepped in for me, I knew I couldn’t be the only one going through the same experience when it comes to studying. My instinct was to ask other classmates how they study. Every answer received was different, so were everyone’s study habits.

One day I sat down, wrote my work/school schedule, and then made a calendar of the times I need to study. I thought I had it all down until I saw the next test grade. I sat at the desk running everything over and over in my head thinking,  “I studied, I made the time, how did this not work?” 

That night, I went home and did my own research. I tried putting on instrumental/favorite music, attending study groups, staying after for tutoring, etc. Music distracted me, study groups became social groups, and I wasn’t always available for consistent tutoring. 

I decided to live a healthy lifestyle by increasing gym time/eating lighter, took breaks after 45 minutes-1 hour, stopped cramming unless necessary, turned off my phone, and picked a relaxing place with A/C to study. These little things have been working for me. Following all of these isn’t always perfect, but it’s what has been working for me. People have told me they would think I’m a pro on learning how to study, but I still struggle. Will we ever really find a steady method with high-end results? Everything in life is thrown at us! The atmosphere of our life seems to constantly change our study habits. As I’m usually writing these blogs to educate and inform regarding our educational opportunities on campus, I am writing now for a response! 

My questions are:

What are your study habits?

How can my habits be adjusted?

Where have you found your research?

Is your schedule similar to mine?

Students of Mohave Community College, please contact me with a reply, if you’re able. I’m interested in new advice. Below are some websites I’ve benefited from regards to studying, and my student email for your responses.

Critique the Mind,

Antonina Martorano, Bullhead City Campus Student Blogger

Nina Martorano