Student Reporter: Turning Hassels into Tassels!

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By Joann DeStigter, Student Multimedia Reporter

I think everyone of us can agree that at some point we have struggled with one thing or another that has slowed us down. Here in the MCC Student Success Center they are here to help. The Student Success Center doesn’t just offer tutoring and help with your studies, they offer a wide range of services. The services that the Student Success Center offers are tutors with flexible schedules, resources for crisis, online tutoring, centrally located to provide peer support, and recently Goodwill Career Center was added. 

According to Tricia Hanks, the Student Success Center manager, the goal of the center is to help a student from start to finish.  This means not just helping them with their studies, but being there every step of the way — helping them and supporting them.  As a former work study in the Student Success Center, I cannot begin to tell you the feeling you get when you’ve helped a student struggling in classes or their personal life and then the student says to you, “Thank you so much for helping me, I get to graduate this semester. I couldn’t have done it without the Student Success Center!”  That feeling is amazing, and personally one that I will never forget. 

Along with the tutors, the Student Success Center also has a wide variety of faculty who come into the center to help.  This allows students to receive that extra support from their instructor in a one on one setting that they may not be able to receive during class. The Student Success Center has also brought the EdReady program to our college. It is an amazing program that allows students to work toward their desired math level at their own pace and in their own space.  The best part, EdReady is completely FREE, yes free! How amazing is that? 

During the summer break, the Goodwill Career Center set up shop in the Student Success Center. The Career Center helps not only the students, but is free and available to all Mohave County residents. They’ll help you with interview skills, build your resume, they offer workshops, as well as local hiring events.  All of these amazing services are also offered to you free of charge. 

So, whether it’s just a little help you need with your studies, or if need a friend to talk to or someone to help you get organized, maybe even just a quiet place to study and have someone review your homework with you, head on over to the Student Success Center and see how they can help you succeed!!  You can also email them at