MCC’S 4th Annual Car Show, Touching Story Inside

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Care show participants
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If you missed out on April 8th’s 4th annual MCC Show and Shine Car Show, don’t worry!

Mohave Community College strives to keep you up to date on important or just casual events you may have missed.

The car show is a time to bring together people who love high quality automotive paint jobs, taste testers, and competitors.

The culinary program slaved over the grill to steam up everyone’s taste buds. You can always expect great, quality food from this program.  If you’ve ever thought about joining the culinary program at MCC and want to see what you might be cooking up, attend big events like this and talk to someone in the program.

The radio station “The Knack 107.1” couldn’t resist the fact that there would be FREE food available. The Knack came out and allowed everyone to take a spin on their “Prize Wheel.”  Anyone who landed a winning spin was given a prize related to the event.  Bumper stickers were a common winner!  

Everyone at the event may not have realized the emotional story behind one car entry.  Xavier Jimenex entered his buddy’s car!  Jimenex entered the ride to honor something his friend had a passion for – cool cars and paint jobs. His friend recently passed away.  Jimenex was trying to get his friend a posthumous title.  The car won “Best Paint” in the 2nd annual car show. It didn’t take the top spot this time around, but was a great honor from one friend to another, thanks to Xavier!  

Car Club President Dain Williams & Vice President Duece Bandt, said it was a great event with amazing cars.  They were at the entrance checking in each car in the admission area and got a good look at all of them.  

The winning rides are posted in the pictures below. Hope to see everyone at the next annual car show.


Buckle up,

Antonina Martorano (Bullhead City Campus Student Blogger)