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Winterfest booth
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Every year on the second weekend of February, over 200 vendors from across the United States gather on McCulloch Boulevard to sell their goods and services at Winterfest in Lake Havasu City. This event sees thousands of visitors from across Mohave County as they enjoy arts, crafts, food, and live music.

This year, Mohave Community College appeared at this spectacular event to talk with the community and prospective students about programs offered at the community college.

Signs and bright red tablecloths emblazoned with the school’s logo made the booth stand out from the vendors around. On each table sat informational pamphlets about the community education program at MCC, as well as specific credit programs such as Practical Nursing, Visual Communications, and Auto Collision Repair. Also on the table laid some MCC swag, including red plastic bags, lanyards, and pocket mirrors.

While I was there, I caught up with Janet Cruz, the Community Education Coordinator at the Lake Havasu campus. I asked her what her experience had been like so far at Winterfest.

“This event is so busy. There are so many people eager to know about the programs at MCC, which makes me really happy. They see our booth, they see our flyers with information, they are learning stuff they didn’t know before because we have everything presented to them,” she commented, “If we have a good system where we inform the community and show our presence there, they’ll know what we have to offer.”

In my tenure at the booth, visitors of all ages and backgrounds approached us. On two separate occasions, original faculty members of MCC approached the table.

“I was there when they took that building over from Walden Printing,” one of the men commented, “I taught math.” There was also prospective students, curious about the nursing programs, as well as a great deal of community members interested in the Community Education courses. We were even visited by the instructor for the Community Education Ceramics course!

Overall, the event was an overwhelming success. To those prospective students I encountered in my time there: I hope to see you in some of my classes in the Fall!


Adriana Petrungaro, MCC Student Blogger Lake Havasu City Campus