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Library work study students on the Bullhead City campus have MCC’S and the public’s best interest at heart.

Supervisor Melda Felix came up with the idea to start a job connection board for students and the public.  Each week Melda and her work study team dig up information from specific job posting websites; the jobs are in connection with what MCC offers, and include jobs outside of MCC.

Melda and her team take the time to do this so they can help you save time.  We all have busy schedules, and many people may not understand how to find some job listings, or use resources available for finding jobs.  Since the team started the job connection board, students have the opportunity to develop more job skills related to their field, and the public has been exposed to more opportunity.

Students who are hired for a job related to their field of study will be able gain more confidence about the industry in which they want to make a career; the general public could find out what jobs of interest. The Job Connection Board helps more people find their dream job and work toward their dream job.  That means more people become successful and can help others find success!  The following listed are some of the major job connection areas the work study team updates:

.Casino work

.Restaurant Work

.Hair Salons



.Medical Assistant


.Social Services




See Melda and her work study team in the Library on the Bullhead City campus for more assistance or 

contact them at (928)-704-4187.


Delve Now,

Antonina Martorano, Bullhead City Campus Student Blogger