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Fiesta signThese large, bright red words greeted me as I walked towards the 600 building on the Lake Havasu campus. It was a Thursday afternoon, roughly an hour before the next round of classes began. Students were trickling into the open doors as red balloons and posters waved out in the courtyard.

Upon my entrance, I was met with the smiling face of Student Activities Council President and Phi Theta Kappa officer Tara Beck, who was giving out t-shirts and other MCC swag.

Food laid out on tableFrom the ceiling hung colorful streamers in traditional ‘Fiesta’ colors, matching the table decorations of miniature piñatas and equally colorful balloons.

Suddenly, a delicious smell hit my nose. I turned to see a full taco bar, catered by local restaurant Taco Hacienda. I quickly made my way over for a taco.

Fiesta gifts tableAfter finishing my food, I made my way around the room. The event was chock full of things to do. Every twenty minutes was a giveaway of a gift card, eligibility marked by the filling out of a survey. In one corner was a photo booth. Crazy hats, boas, and masks had been ransacked by the droves of students gathering with their friends to take goofy photos. Half circled was a row of tables, featuring clubs and other MCC related programs. Information sat on each of these tables, and several of them also had clubs advisors and program coordinators behind them for the convenience of the students. On one table was some paper and drawing utensils, the basis for the Student Activities Council Logo Contest that was being held in conjunction with this event.

Feista roomIn the opposite corner was a piece of equipment that laid untouched for the first half hour of the Welcome back Bash. I looked at a few of my friends, and we all made an unspoken agreement to get up from our table and head towards the ping pong table. As we played the game, Delia Turton, president of PTK and vice president of SAC, approached with a roster sheet. In the next hour, an intense ping pong musical chairs-style tournament took place. Eventually, the end drew near, and the final two standing were crowned. The two winners stood victorious, proudly showing off their gift cards.

As the fiesta came to a close, students walked out, invigorated once again to be back from the Spring semester at MCC.

Fiesta table with items on itThis Welcome Back Bash was organized and put on by the Lake Havasu Campus Student Activities Council. If you would like to help in the planning of events like these, SAC meets in Room 204 every other Monday from 3:30 to 4:30. All students are welcome!

Adriana Petrungaro, MCC Student Blogger – Lake Havasu City Campus

Displays at the fiesta