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Another successful event put on by Student Activities Council (SAC) with assistance from radiologic technology (Skeleton Crew) this round!

This event was an outdoor movie night in the grass behind the 200 building located at the amphitheater. The movie “Moana” started at 6:30 PM and ran for 1 hour and 53 minutes.

Movie nights are for students, staff, and the community.  Parents are always welcome to bring their little ones because the movies are always rated PG or under.  

The movie itself doesn’t just bring students, staff, and the community together, the FREE snacks and beverages also do! Free snacks and beverages are always available on movie night for the first 100 arrivals or until the goodies are depleted.

Donations are generously accepted by anyone who would like to donate at events like movie night. All donations go toward clubs/programs that dedicate time to help at events.  SAC divides the donations for every club and program who participate.  Common programs that usually participate in events are culinary, dental, and rad-tech.

Mohave Community College encourages students to attend these events because for every credit a student takes, $1.00 is taken out of tuition and automatically dispersed into the activity fund.  As a student at MCC, every student is automatically working together to help with these events.  Every student may not be aware of the deduction of the activity fee and how much they make the campus entertained.  

SAC holds meetings twice a month (First & Last Wednesday of Every Month) to discuss and vote how the activity funds should be spent.  SAC would enjoy if 1 member from each club and program would be willing to attend one meeting each month.

Attending these meetings allows everyone to hear the voice of others and report what SAC could be focusing on for the college. These funds go toward events and equipment.  For example, the new ping pong table in the Bullhead City Campus fitness center was voted on, and students’ voices were heard.

SAC wants more input so it can help pay for future events and equipment the campus potentially needs and/or wants.  Contact Zamina Cook (President), Cody Heck (Vice President), and Kris Martinez (Secretary) for any questions and inquiries. SAC members Zamina and Cody can be found in the library Monday-Friday.

Speak up,

Antonina Martorano, MCC Student Blogger   

In Photo left to right: SAC Secretary Kris Martinez, SAC Vice President Cody Heck, SAC President Zamina Cook.

SAC Secretary Kris Martinez, SAC Vice President Cody Heck, SAC President Zamina Cook