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As mid-terms are approaching, I’ve been finding myself scrambling to find the best way to organize my notes into a coherent studying platform and stay on top of my assignments. In my journey to ultimate college organization, I have run across several incredibly useful websites that I would like to share with you all.Green square with elephant image in it

EVERNOTE is a cross-platform application that does just about everything. In the app, you create notebooks. Inside each notebook, you can write notes, and attach tags. In my case, I create notebooks for each of my classes. After taking lecture notes in class, I type up my notes. This way, when I am working on my assignments, I can search the entirety of my notebook to find key terms I can’t remember. Evernote can be found at Apps are also available on both iOS and Android.

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MYHOMEWORK Discovering this website this semester has saved my life. There were numerous occasions where I would forget to turn assignments in on time due to no real agenda system. With this handy tool, I can color code each of my classes, then create assignments that compile into a chronological list. This app also contains the ability to set the priority level of an assignment, attach a document, add events and days off, and the ability to set reminders. MyHomework is available at, as well as on iOS and Android.

Purple square with calendar in it OUTLOOK CALENDAR is a service available through your MCC email address. Similar to MyHomework, this app is a great way to set reminders and details for assignments. The best thing about this service, however, is putting events on to calendars through email. Planning a study session with you classmates? Simply send them all an email, and everyone will get a nifty reminder the day of. Google Calendar also uses these same features.

Green swaure with a plant in it FOREST Have trouble staying focused on studying? Compelled to look at your phone every time someone likes your photo on Instagram? Download Forest, a productivity app. Simply set the timer, and put down your phone! At the end of your set time, a cute, digital tree will have grown in your forest. However, if you attempt to check your phone before time is up, the tree will die. Forest is available on iOS and Android, as well as Windows and Chrome.

Happy studying!

Adriana Petrungaro, MCC Student Blogger – Lake Havasu City Campus