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Nina Martorano
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Attention Mohave Community College Bullhead City Campus!

As of Monday February 13th I, Antonina Martorano, became a part of MCC’S Marketing and Public Information team as the new student blogger.  It’s exciting because I hear the Bullhead City Campus has never had a student blogger.

I’ve been here since fall of 2013 and plan to graduate in summer of 2018.  I took an interest in this position because I’ve been attending this campus for a good period of time and want everyone to know what is available, ,and to help keep everyone updated for future involvement in campus activities and programs.

This position allows me to help spread the word about our great campus, programs, clubs, and events! That recognition could potentially create more opportunities for students and the campus.  This position will also advance my writing, technical, and communication skills for my future career as a radiologic technologist.

Since volunteers from the Rad Tech program, including myself, help with big events and movie nights on campus, you may hear a lot about those of us in the radiology field.  I look forward to sharing information with future students who may be interested in going into this field; knowing my passion could possibly help others make a great career choice is another reason I’m happy to have accepted this position.

If anyone wants to meet with me to share blog ideas, cover specific information for an event, club, program, or anything in particular, please contact me through my student email. My student email is provided below. I check my email daily and could schedule an interview with anyone who would be interested. I’m looking forward to sharing all the great information and helping grow the Bullhead City campus life, and giving students a great outlook of what this campus offers.

Your New Student Blogger of the Bullhead City Campus,

Antonina Martorano