Don’t be afraid of math, MCC offering free program for high school and college students

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Mohave Community College will provide every high school student in Mohave County an opportunity to assess their readiness for college math and prepare themselves for what will be expected.MCC student success services manager Tricia Hanks showing EdReady program to help students with math. 

Nationally, only 25% of high school seniors are at or above proficiency levels for mathematics, according to the latest numbers from the Nation’s Report Card published by the U.S. Department of Education.

To help students in Mohave County, MCC is launching a program called EdReady. It was mostly designed by the National Repository of Online Courses, with the financial backing of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

MCC recognizes that math is a challenge for students across the country and here in Mohave County, said Rosemarie LeFebvre, MCC’s associate dean of student success and retention.

“So, we plan to offer every high school in Mohave County access to MCC’s online EdReady module, so all the students can benefit from it.”

This means students from 9th through 12th grades will be able to take a sample college math placement test and see how they rank. Then the students can use the free online study options and receive a personalized study path, so they can improve their success rates.

“We believe that working with students while still in high school, we can help them strengthen their math skills and be ready to enroll in a college math course when they begin attending MCC,” said LeFebvre.

EdReady is also available to current MCC students. There are no grades and no credits involved, so students can use the software to study and prepare for the math placement test.

“It’s free, self-paced and easy to use,” said MCC Student Success Center Manager Tricia Hanks. “It’s student friendly in a lot of ways! It encourages success and is exactly what we want to offer our students to help them succeed.”

Nationally, some studies show approximately 60% of students start college in remediation courses in math. Of those, only 1 in 10 will graduate, said LeFebvre.

“There are many reasons for these statistics, some academic, many more are life issues. At MCC we recognize these students require support and strategies to successfully complete the college math course required for their program of study.”

MCC representatives have already met with high school counselors in Mohave County and will soon start meeting with high school administrators to discuss ways to make the math program available to all high school students.