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Supplemental Instruction

You are encouraged to communicate openly with your instructors if you are having a difficult time learning or understanding the material presented in your coursework.

In order to provide students with additional instruction in the areas of English (reading, grammar and writing) and mathematics, MCC will provide open sessions each week for students to come and ask questions about content and homework. These sessions will be offered at each campus on Fridays from 9am – 11:50am and 6pm – 8:50pm. Each supplemental instruction session will be staffed by knowledgeable personnel.

In addition, there will be online instructional opportunities that students can log into for 24/7 assistance. The online instruction information will be provided to the student during his/her first supplemental instruction session.

Who should take advantage of Supplemental Instruction?

  • If you did not do well on your first paper, exam, or quiz.
  • If you just cannot figure out how to do the calculations you need for your course work.
  • If you are having trouble understanding and or remembering what you are reading.
  • If you have a paper due and need help.

To receive supplemental instruction:

  • Be currently registered in the MCC English or math class.
  • Talk with the instructor about any specific learning/understanding difficulty.
  • Attempt class homework (supplemental instruction session is not the place to do your homework).
  • Complete a Supplemental Instruction Request Form, and ask for the faculty member's signature and recommendations.
  • Take the Supplemental Instruction Request Form to appropriate session.

To receive supplemental help in specialized programs of study

  • Be currently registered at MCC.
  • Talk with the instructor about any specific learning and/or understanding difficulty.