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Are there any special situations I need to be aware of before I apply for the PTA program?

You will be required to complete three clinical education courses during the program. This is a series of work experiences with patients in a variety of off-campus settings, under the supervision of practicing PTAs and PTs. This includes one four-week and two six-week, full-time (40 hours per week) clinical experiences where you must display sufficient skill and competence to enter the field as a practicing PTA. You must be willing and able to organize your time, transportation, and other life responsibilities to complete and benefit fully from your clinical experiences. Working during the clinical education experience is an unrealistic expectation.

Due to the limited amount of clinical sites and the rural nature of Mohave County, at least one of these rotations will require you to travel out of Mohave County for four or six weeks. All students will complete a student rotation outside of Mohave County, whether they have children or not.

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