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What are the expected student outcomes of the PTA program?

Students who understand:

  • Their role in the delivery of physical therapy
  • Impairments, dysfunctions and functional limitations in order to treat patients under the supervision of a licensed Physical Therapist
  • The application and modification of appropriate treatment techniques established within the plan of care developed by the Physical Therapist
  • The importance of maximizing functional independence
  • Their potential to contribute as a functional team member within the physical therapy profession, the healthcare team and society

Students who have the academic and clinical education to:

  • Pass the physical therapist assistant licensure exam
  • Find employment in a timely fashion
  • Transition from the academic setting to the employment setting with ease

Students who demonstrate:

  • Safe, effective, moral, ethical and legal behaviors within the scope of physical therapy
  • Effective communication, critical thinking and planning skills necessary to work in the field of physical therapy
  • Skills and attitudes necessary for life-long learning, including involvement in the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and state chapters
  • Competency in therapeutic interventions in all treatment settings for all ages
  • Proficiency in teaching patients, co-workers, family, classmates and community about physical therapy

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