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Is there a demand for Automotive Technicians?

The international Automotive Technician Network (ATN) asked its members in an online poll to predict what their employment situation would be five years in the future. An alarming 22 percent of the members said they would either be retired or working in an industry other than the automotive industry.

A similar question posed in an industry-trend study by Motor Age found that 37 percent of automotive technicians would be retired or in a completely different industry in five years. Among the factors and trends that support the case for a growing need for technicians are the following:

  • There is a 100 percent placement rate for automotive students completing training programs.
  • Light vehicle registrations continue to rise, especially for those vehicles more than five years old.
  • More miles are being driven, both per vehicle and in total; the average age of vehicles is rising (9.1 years).
  • Higher technical skills are required of technicians.
  • More technicians are retiring.

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