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Is geology as challenging as I’ve heard?

Geology usually requires more than the usual amount of study and practice. Satisfactory completion of the course prerequisites is very important.

Following are a few more suggestions worth remembering:

  • Learning geology takes time. A reasonable guide is to spend about two hours studying for each hour of lecture. Heavy work and/or class loads are not compatible with learning geology.
  • Attend class regularly and take generous notes during class. Ask questions.
  • When beginning a new chapter, read through it quickly the first time, just to give yourself a good feel for what it is about. If you are really on the job you will have done this before the class lecture on the chapter. You will understand what's going on in class much better if you do this.
  • Study groups can be very helpful. Keep the group small though, no more than three or four people.
  • Finally, keep a positive outlook! Geology can be hard, but with a good attitude and approach, you will succeed in mastering it!

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